Civil law

Since its foundation,FERNÁNDEZ DE TROCÓNIZ ABOGADOS has had an outstanding track record in this area. We combine tradition with ground-breaking approaches, classic civil law with new interpretations of how to apply its provisions

  • Contracts
  • Family
  • Inheritance
  • Property registration
  • Civil liability

Commercial law

Commercial law has been one of the traditional pillars of FERNÁNDEZ DE TROCÓNIZ ABOGADOS from the very first day. The team is constantly engaged in activity in this area with a combination of professional practice and study of the latest developments, accumulating knowledge and experience for the benefit of the client.

  • Incorporation of companies and creation of group structures
  • Corporate governance
  • Company re-engineering
  • Company and group mergers and spin-offs
  • Winding up and liquidation
  • LBO, MBO and company acquisition and disposal
  • Risk capital or private equity investment
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Securities markets
  • Commercial contracts
  • Competition law defence
  • Unfair competition
  • Banking law
  • Insurance

Bankruptcy law

We represent companies in insolvency proceedings. Depending on the circumstances we file for or oppose involuntary bankruptcy proceedings or, as appropriate, intervene in defence of the interests of creditors in ongoing proceedings. To do so, we have extensive experience as designated receivers in this type of proceedings, all of which we place at the disposal of our clients.

  • Preliminary negotiations and refinancing
  • Insolvency arbitration
  • Pre-bankruptcy
  • Filing for bankruptcy and handling the proceedings
  • Opposition to involuntary bankruptcy
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in motions
  • Defence of guilty pleas

Public law

We provide consultancy for private companies and public bodies to in performance of the activities for which they are competent in this area. We have extensive experience in representing both public authorities and companies or private persons in this field.

  • Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings
  • Issuance of reports and opinions
  • Draft legislation
  • Public contracts
  • Regulated sectors
  • Urban planning management and enforcement
  • Environmental law
  • Public assets
  • Privatisation processes
  • Professional associations
  • Sport and culture
  • Subsidies and aid
  • Expropriation
  • Public sector foundations

Sports law

Our proven experience in the field of sports law enables us to act comprehensively in this area, reconciling the commercial, social and administrative issues affecting relations in the field with the competence to appear before the various judicial bodies involved.

  • Legal consultancy for sports federations, clubs, associations and companies
  • Contracting and transfer of athletes and players
  • Contracts between clubs and sponsors
  • Exploitation of image rights, broadcasting rights and sponsorship
  • Sport-related proceedings before domestic and international bodies
  • Illegal substance abuse proceedings

Criminal law

FERNÁNDEZ DE TROCÓNIZ ABOGADOS provides consultancy and represents clients in criminal law procedures with special attention to company law and financial criminal law..

  • Property offences
  • Corporate crime
  • Intellectual property crimes
  • Offences against public authorities
  • Infringement of the tax laws
  • Environmental crimes
  • Urban planning offences
  • New technology-related crime
  • Libel and slander
  • Professional negligence offences

Intellectual property. New technologies

We assist our clients in the protection of their intellectual property rights in both administrative and jurisdictional proceedings. We also provide administrative, civil and commercial consultancy in these fields and provide counsel in negotiations with third parties..

  • Copyright
  • Industrial intellectual property (trademarks, patents and designs)
  • Image rights
  • Advertising law
  • Sponsorship
  • Publishing contracts, audiovisual production and distribution
  • Data protection
  • Internet law
  • Electronic commerce
  • Domain marks and names
  • Defence and recovery of domain names
  • Information processing contracts
  • Cybercrime
  • Telecommunications

Insurance Law

Since the firm was founded, FERNÁNDEZ DE TROCÓNIZ ABOGADOS has focused on the field of insurance law, intervening in defence of its clients, whether insurance companies, businesses, or individuals, in all branches of the insurance industry. The firm's extensive experience, and our multidisciplinary team of specialist lawyers, means that we have a wealth of expertise in advising and handling the interests entrusted to us to ensure the best possible outcome in each case.

  • Civil Liability
  • Traffic Law
  • Insurance and Reinsurance Contracts
  • Life and Personal Insurance
  • General Damages Insurance
  • Transport Insurance
  • Company Insurance
  • Legal Defence

Procedural law and arbitration

Our experience in conflict resolution - either through the courts or by alternative means- ensures our clients the best defence of their rights and interests..

  • Civil and commercial contract proceedings
  • Fundamental rights and legal personality proceedings
  • Family and inheritance law-related proceedings
  • Executive proceedings
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability
  • Domestic and international arbitration
  • Execution of arbitration decisions
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